Other Services

Apart from domestic and commercial services Berkshire Facilities Management also provide the below services.

Anti-viral Fogging

We are prepared to give discreet professional-quality disinfection and sanitising services to residential houses, care homes, flats, workplaces, and shopping malls, whether you wish to be proactive or have had a positive COVID-19 exposure, utilising safe and medical grade systems and procedures.

Berkshire Facilities Management employs a cutting-edge dry fog disinfection technique. The fogging delivery technique creates a turbulent mist that disperses H202 vapour fast by evaporation.

This guarantees that positively charged hydrogen peroxide and ionic silver disinfection solution is delivered uniformly to every exposed surface.

The mixture penetrates areas that sprays, wipes, and UV light cannot. Because the solution is odourless, colourless, non-corrosive, and leaves no visible trace, it is ideal for usage near electronics and delicate equipment.

Graffiti Remover

Graffiti may be a challenging feat. It is important to get rid of it as quickly as possible, but it might be tough to remove; a simple scrape might not be sufficient.

That is where our experts can assist. We specialise in professional graffiti removal that will repair the damaged area in a safe and effective manner.

We have invested in the highest extraction equipment and chemicals to ensure that we can meet the demands of practically all our clients.

Berkshire Facilities Management appreciates the value of reputation as a locally owned and managed company. We understand that graffiti might feel like a repudiation of the community reputation you’ve fought so hard to establish.

Solar Panel Cleaning:

Solar panels are a significant investment that should be handled with caution. Cleaning solar panels improves their efficiency.

Solar panels should be cleaned properly twice a year to avoid up to a 20% loss in efficiency.

Dirt, pollen, trash, and other contaminants will reduce the effectiveness of solar panels.

The safest solution to clean solar panels is to be gentle with them and avoid using detergents or chemicals. Because it leaves no residue, deionized water is an excellent choice for cleaning solar panels. Because the cleaning solvent is pure water, there is no risk of causing damage to your investment.

Emergency Cleaning:

We understand life situation, so we make some of our services available without pre-booking. Irrespective of the service you need, get in touch, and let us see how we can work something out for you.

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