Domestic Cleaning

For tenants, landlords and agents looking for end of tenancy, oven cleaning, gutter cleaning, patio cleaning anf the likes.

Domestic Cleaning

Cleaning your house is a personalized service that involves planning, preparation, and commitment. Berkshire Facilities Management will never overlook a single detail. Based on your specific cleaning plan, our domestic cleaning staff carefully clean every room in your home.

Every room in your home is dusted from left to right, top to bottom as our experienced house cleaners work through it. Beginning with cobwebs in difficult areas, dust, and window frames, our operatives work their way down, not skipping a beat.

From the ceiling to your bookshelves, furnishings, worktops, and other surfaces, our experienced professionals handle fragile objects with care. We begin precise room cleaning processes, such as wiping surfaces, after dusting the flooring and guaranteeing clean surfaces to clear your house of hazardous bacteria, allergies, and cold-causing germs.

End of tenancy:

Berkshire Facilities Management provides end-of-tenancy cleaning in Reading and the surrounding Berkshire area. We understand that you’d like to vacate your premises in a clean and tidy condition.

Over professional cleaning operatives are equipped with all the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment to ensure every service you require during your end of tenancy cleaning. Our end of tenancy services is provided to both tenants and landlord/agents, and it includes but note limited to the below:

Oven Cleaning::

Berkshire Facilities Management is dedicated to restoring the appearance of your oven; oven cleaning is one of our specialties. We are quite confident of our ability to handle your appliance cleaning needs. We have been through supervised training while adhering to the company’s rules to deliver maximum client pleasure after completing their assignment.

Eco-friendly products are used to safeguard your appliances from potentially harmful substances. Our cleaning solutions are both environmentally and pet friendly.

Gutter & Patio Cleaning:

Berkshire Facilities Management delivers highest level gutter cleaning services in Reading and the surrounding areas in a secure, professional, and cost-effective manner. We will properly remove and clean your gutters, ensuring that they are free of obstructions. Our patio cleaning service cleans concrete, stone, decking, and a variety of other surfaces.

Our pressure washing service can significantly enhance the condition of your patio. We can reduce filthy water splashes and provide an equal clean look throughout the whole terrain.

Carpet & Upholstery cleaning:

Berkshire Facilities Management is devoted to delivering all our clients with consistently high-quality carpet cleaning, and upholstery cleaning services, we use the best quality equipment in the industry to ensure your carpet is thoroughly clean and dries up within few hours after the wash.

All the carpet cleaning chemicals we use are safe for both pets and children.

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